With our community advertisements, connect with people to grow your business and increase your reach.

Your people are here !

Advertising on our community makes it easy for you to find the right people for your ads, get their attention and achieve desired results.

Targeted Audience

You can easily choose to display your ads to your targeted audience here.

Attractive Ad Display

With 3 different Ad formats, you can control the display of your ads as your requirements.

In Budget Ad Packages

You can choose a suitable and perfect package for your creating ads here.

Ad Targeting and Visibility of Ads

Our ad system works based on the ad targeting by our advertisers. Our advertisers choose their desired audience and we then show the ads to the people who have shown interest in that ad or matches to the ad targeting. This means our audience will see relevant and useful ads without any technical details and any personal information being shared by our advertisers

When an advertiser creates an ad and wants to reach the audience like 18-30 years SESCOMMFemale.

Between 18-30 years old


When an advertiser creates an ad and wants to reach the audience like 18-30 years Female.

20 years old


How our Ad System works?

Advertisers’ Selection

Advertisers select suitable package, campaign, business goal for their ads.

Ad Format and Targeting

Advertisers choose design and format for their ads, configure them and choose their desired audience.

The ad is created

Advertisers create ads to show on this website at various places included feeds.

We Show Ads to Audience

Based on advertisers goals & desired audience, we show ads on our site to various audience without selling any user data to advertisers.


Do you sell my data?

No, we do not sell our members data to advertisers. We show ads based on the targeting and desired audience chosen by advertisers without telling them any user information including name, posts or any other content posted on this site.

How can I improve Ads display?

The ads will look beautifully if you upload good quality images, video and content to your ads. Choose high quality artwork, relevant and specific content which can interest your audience will enhance your ad. The more appealing images and content will be, the more audience you will get.

Where all on this site, my ads will be displayed or I can see ads?

Ads on this site will be displayed at various places included pages, various sections, columns, Activity Feeds.

Users may choose to report, hide the ads which they will not find relevant or suitable for them.